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January 25, 2021, 07:29:05 am


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What Is Waking Up In Your Garden????

Started by Michael, February 14, 2007, 08:59:04 pm

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Don's post reminded me that not everyone lives on the same line of lattitude. As Jack (I think) is our only southern hemisphere member, perhaps we can cheer each other on with the arrival of Spring. 

OK, I'll start.........





Which is a good sign. We are having a warm February, spring seems to be coming 2-3 weeks early.
To defeat the enemy in battle 1,000 times is not victory. Defeating the enemy without fighting is victory.  Sun Tsu


I'm not sure if 18 inches of snow qualifies but that's what sprung up here almost overnight.


Two of my seasonal workers sure got woken up by the fresh, cold air this morning! They are back to help me prune - I've got 1/2 of a pine tree out of 170 finished. Not a good year for gettin' things done! Stupid festivals and events. Now, stupid weather.

Other than that, the fragrant viburnums tried to bloom in Jan. but the cold snap stopped them in their tracks. We also had some snow drops come up, as well as Hamamelis bloom in Jan., but now they are covered in a couple feet of cold, white stuff.

Keeping warm inside today!



Helleborus are in bloom as are cyclamen & Oxalis versicolor, the Iris are just starting to peek

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george in the uk

It is really mild here in the UK for this time of the year, in fact on monday I vacumed my koi pond for the first time this year to get rid of the blanketweed, I usually don't start to do that until March.


I can see where the mice have been tunneling around under the snow --- does that count?



OK - Here's some mid-summer cheer from Brisbane -- allamanda growing on a neighbor's fence

Lee -- mice tunneling under the snow made me chuckle... I remember the time I had RATS in my shadehouse... and they made their home under the 6" deep gravel... oh boy..the stink!


Hi Jack --- We also have a wood rat who has earned our respect and admiration by tunneling six feet under landscape fabric to get into our self-contained plastic composter.  Before he successfully tunneled in, he chewed a hole through a weak part of the bin, but I blocked that off.  You have to admire that kind of tenacity.  Or at least I do.  He gets really excited when we put old bread in there.  Coffee grounds he's not so crazy about.


P.S.  Wood rats are smaller and cuter than regular rats.


I couldn't stand it anymore.  It hit the mid 50's here today and I couldn't help myself.  I drove down to Home Depot, bought a dozen primroses, and planted them in the flower bed out front.  Does this make me evil, or just impatient?
To defeat the enemy in battle 1,000 times is not victory. Defeating the enemy without fighting is victory.  Sun Tsu


Lee --- I guess I should have said that it was an outbreak, in part due to that year's drought. They were everywhere!

They certainly weren't as cute as your guy, nor those colorful pet rats people keep -- ours were those huge, skanky, unlovable types. hehe

And once they figured out that I was anti capital punishment -- Quasimodo, Typhoid Mary, Ma Baker and her 'children of the corn' would just look at me contemptuously as they dawdled past..

Pete -- good luck with the primroses


Quote from: phobbs on February 17, 2007, 08:20:55 pm
Does this make me evil, or just impatient?

If you planted impatiens, well, that is another question.   :)

It was dry here as well so I spent the whole day making firewood from the rapidly encroaching, fell over during the last windstorm or hung up at a displeasing 45 degree angle, forest.

Celebrated with fajitas and tequila.  Then the power went out, then it began to rain.

I see the hydrangeas are starting to wake up though............



One of our world famous Chinooks has blown in this week, temperatures going from -28c on Wednesday night to +7c by Friday morning. Gives you an idea how nasty conditions can be on our plant material here in S. Alberta. I haven't been into the garden for a few weeks now, but the last time I was in there were three deer and a red fox occupying the garden. I don't mind the fox, but the deer really like to chew on a lot of the plant material causing significant damage. Nothing really waking up yet, hope to get in and do some pruning soon.



Oh..touch me nots. Sorry. Didn't get the joke right away.  Still haven't had my coffee this morning.
To defeat the enemy in battle 1,000 times is not victory. Defeating the enemy without fighting is victory.  Sun Tsu


I discovered moss has been busy growing all winter on my Boulders.  I have a black pussy willow but it only has a few branches that will have a flower, the deer ate everything this year including some evergreens which is a first for me.  You should see the steam rolling out of my ears. Oh well I'll just have to poor another glass of wine till the smoke disappears.  ;)

Cheers Jando

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