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Tango no Sekku

Started by don, May 06, 2009, 07:44:20 am

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Happy Boy's Day!  Although the official day in Japan was yesterday, May 5, we will celebrate both Boys' Day and Girls' Day on Saturday as "Childrens' Day" at Kumamoto En, San Antonio Botanical Gardens.  If anyone is in the area, you can come heckle me as I demonstrate garden care and bamboo work!  Oh, it is also the 20th birthday of Kumamoto En.



Hi Don
For awhile ago , I found article of Tango no sekku in Korean book. Few days ago , I purchesed a chinese book and found out origin of Tango no sekku in the Chinese book.  boy has nothing to do with original story of Tango no sekku in China.  The story started by Famus chinese poet and politian. Tanabata fest of July 7th also came from China.   I don't have chinese friend here who can translate  article acculatly .
To writ about it is good winter project  ::)

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