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January 17, 2021, 03:26:54 pm


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Japanse gardening class Boston, MA by Mike Yamakami.

Started by Yama, July 30, 2009, 08:55:33 pm

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I will consider a Japanese gardening class if anyone would like to have and  learn Japanese gardening in small class. 
  First, I have to ask to the temple to allow me to conduct class at  the temple. But before I ask to the temple, I like to know if anyone want to have a  Japanese gardening class at Boston area.
The class will be one time or can  be contenue for some time depend on if there is such demand.
I have a ageing mother, So I may go back to Japan for long time. Take this  as one time  offer.

Subject you like to know can be  anything.  length of class will be all day since some of you have drive many hours to get there. I also have what I like to teach.
I find the way to tech how to shape pine tree in class room.   Reading many posters frastration to lern how to prune or shape/form pine tree, I have visited to craft store and picked up some craft materials to make model of (frame) of pine tree in 3 demention.

I know some one driving to get here for 7 hours, last time he spent 10 hours one way to meet me.
If he is coming again, I will consider two days class for him. any one else  like to hang around, you are well come too. ( finish your school/ graduate What you started, I will wait untill you can come  :D)

  If Sunim(respect way to call monk) has time, I will ask him for Korean Zen temple  style tea ceremony
and how to meditate.
If any one want to join a class, please let's me to know.
Fee will be annunce later.
Mike Yamakami



I still have not had a chance to do the cryptomeria pictures. Will work on that this weekend.
As you know I'm definitely in for the class.



PLEASE start a class - but why just one session?  Would you consider doing this on an ongoing basis? Count me in - thanks!


Hi patch
Take your time and finish what you started.  I will wait    :D  Make a list of things what you like to know.

Hi Tusmagaki
Please send me email and  tell me about you also contact information.
While I lived in Georgia, I had stand of bamboos of 20 plus variety, I could teach identify age of bamboo, how o cut and split bamboo, how to trasport,how to make B&B  and showing how to make bamboo fence from very begining.  I do't have large yard nor parking space now. I have to find place to conduct a class.
Teaching how to shape/ form pine tree will take 5 years or longer. 

Some people want to know how to prune and shape/form pine tree, but he is not willing to have  own proper tools or willing to learn knots before working with pine tree or other kind of pruning.  Japanese gardeners make own many different kind of tools.  Those small detail makes work different so,so work or good work.   
I have aging mother so that I do not make long commitment and I may move to other state again west coast or south (Or  I may have to back to Japan)

Learn something while I am here.                  yama


Dear Yamakami-san,

I am very interested in joining your class. I am a Japanese who became a gardener in NYC. I never studied gardening in Japan and want to know more about it.

Thank you.



Hi neko san
It is nice to hear from you. Please come to the class.  Time is short. what ever you like to know, let's me to know.    This is my email address.      japanesegardener1@yahoo.com 

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