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Japanese gardening class

Started by Yama, November 08, 2008, 01:37:18 am

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I will teach to few students for foundamental Japanese gardening.

1) Fee.
       you have to spend your time and or give your good will to the society when you can. No time or     
   amount are not set. Do best you can.

2) commitment is required. 
   Class is slow and long term. you have to get your hand dirty. no watching
    nor slide show.

3) you must have own tools. 
9" hand saw. pruner. kibasami/bonsai share type and long handle shear(28" to 30" long)

4) Time and day
  sunday or saturday. 9:00 Am to  mid after noon or untill dark.
You must be on time. no matter how far you drive to the class, you have to be on time. or I will send
   you back home.  You can leave any time.

5)  when class start?
iF I find  one good student then start from next month. But most likely form Jan 09

6) where?
   At Salem, Mass or near Salem Mass.
    I will let's you know later
7) subject.
  how to make own tools such as bamboo broom, joint towel, home made trypod ladder, how to maintain your tools and lean how to sharp tools. etc. knot,  pruning, transplanting, bamboo fence, setting boulder without heavy equipment, making "nobedan"  leaning how to set steping stones,learnin basic Japanese garden design,  Japanese garden history, Basic horticulture practice,

8) who can attend my class?
write me letter or send me e-mail and explain reason why you want to attend to my class.

9) How long class last?
depend on student's attitude and passion. probably one to two years

Think as this is once in your life time oppotunity. If you read this post later day, send me email any way. I may be still kicking around.

Patch , JamesT, Jim, Ben
since you have asked me before or attended my class before , you can come to the class. Since you are traveling distance, I will consider to make extra efforts to worth your trip to Salem.,Mass  ;)

send email to
Mike Yamakami         japanesegardener1@yahoo.com


Thank you Yama-san!  Wish I could be there.  Let me know if I can support in any way.

george in the uk

November 09, 2008, 08:35:38 am #2 Last Edit: November 09, 2008, 08:38:43 am by george in the uk
Hi Mike,
I would love to come but you are a little bit to far away,but you are starting your course on a very good day JAN 9th my birthday.
Best of luck to you
Hi Mike, OOP's missread your post it is Jan 09 not Jan the 9th.


Yama-san .... my friend .... I have much enjoyed your classes in the past and regret that you are now
simply too far away for me to attend. I HIGHLY recommend you to others, though!

I wish you well. Ben  :)


We will meet some day.  :D  I started poision ivy removal service recentry. so far I had only one job. If I make enough poision ivy removal jobs, I can visit to you. 
Did I gave you my new address and phone number?   I call my mom offten useing cheap prepaid phone card. it is cheaper than calling to next city of my home town. I have your address some wherebut don't have phone number. Calling to England from Massachusetts is cheaper than calling to Japan.

Two day ago, I clibmed oak tree using gaff/spike and tree sadle to 40~50 feet high. Cut off  lower 3 branchs with chain saw of about 100 feet tall red oak tree. It is not bad for 61 years old man. May be I can clibm tree few more years  ;)

Take good care your self. If I can help you some how,please let's me to know.

I miss warm weather of the south and good highway and road.  Masss drivers are so bad. Architecture, and landscape of Massachusetts/New England are very beautiful.
After I get cell phone and own pc, we can talk.

Thank you. I wish I can type faster and no misspeling and have 8th grader's English skill   :-[

I wish you can visit to me.  Salem is little bit warmer than where you live,  Boston offer many intersting place to see.  mike


To those who are intresting to lean Japanese gardening.

None of  gardeneing work require rocket science. Accumulation of simple knowleges and experience are not easy to understand by reading book sometime. If you see how to do it with your own eye,or doing the task then  Knowleges you read in a book come to life.  Offten Book don't cover every topics you like to know. We learn many things from books and experts in TV and offten forget it. Because you don't repeat it(practice) and can't ask questions when you like to know more about it.
My time and space are limited. so that I am offering to teach  limited number of peoples.



Thanks for demonstrating the passion we need to have. Your idea to share your knowledge is an inspiration to many of us, I'm sure. Good luck with the teaching, have patience with us.
Wish we could meet some day.



I am ellated to read about your offer to teach more gardening skills and I look forward to seeing you again.
Work has kept me extremely busy but, I will certainly make the time to be there. One good thing is that it's 3 hrs closer than South Carolina.  ;)

The sooner I know when and where, the better. Please, be sure to remind me to bring the SAKE.

By the way, does bamboo grow in Mass ?

Domo Arigato Gozimasu,



Hi patch
Yes , Bamboo grow in Mass. Don't get big  and grow fast as Georgia or South Carolina.
Because of  your work and distance , I don't think you can visit to me every month. I will make some arrengement for you and someone else visiting me long distance. Insted of one day, Saturday and sunday  Two days work shop makes your traveling worth  :D
Give me your phone number, address and email address.


Reason why I have few Students.
I am new to Massachusetts and Don't have large meeting place . If some one traveling distance I should give him time and attention to his question.   I may have to repeat same thing few time or over and over specialy teaching knots. What ever he does I have to watch carefuly, make it sure that he is doing safe and correct way. If I have small class, we can chenge subject(s). There are some subject I like to teach , but some one driving hundreds mile to see me, I should give/share my time to him to make worth to travel to Boston area. ( you can say What you like to know /learn)

I am looking for Japanese garden owners who provide us place to meet and demonstrate "how to"

I had mid size back yard befor and had 20 or so vareity of Bamboo and they were mature. To Make bamboo fence, I cut my bamboos and show how to cut bamboo, identyfy age of bamboo,how to trim off branchs , showing type of tools use, how to bent large diameter bamboo,how to split bamboo, what tool to use, how to use etc.  It takes time to learn all of it. He should get my full attention. I don't want to teach to some one who come one or twice then never see him again. Teaching is also learing. I don't take  lightly to meet /shere enjoy class with students.
Now I live with my partner and not my own house. Some how condition is less than ideal , but like to star soon.

If you are traveling distance. I will consider only one time or two attendence of class or two days class for some one traveling hundreds of miles.    (I can't do it every month, I have to make living too.^^)

I don't loan my tools ,period. you must have own tools. pruner, tebasami/kibasami some time call bosai shear, 9" long  saw tool belt and long handle shear.

If you are light smoker, you can smoke but stay away from me at least 25Feet.^^
If you are heavy smoker, I rather not have you. I hate smell of cigarett.

Don't be shy.  Send me e mail


It is good news and I am very excited about it.

I have  met owner of stone yard today( Dec -19.  08)  He agreed to allow me to use his land to demonstatate how to set boulder manualy , How to set nobedan or  Japanese stone work . The corner of the property, I may be  able to plant trees and shrubs,so that work with not only boulder and  treditional Japanese style pruning. perhaps making demonstration Japanese garden. Place is easy access to I-95, Northan, Mass, planty of parking space.

Since I may have to buy trees ,shurbs and other materials and stone yard owner is involved,I may have to charge for the class.   
If you are horticulture student, or working for  landscape trade and not making enough income, I will make special arrengement.
I need to talk  more about the term with stone yard owner. It is good start for Japanese gardening class.
If you have any sugestion, I would like to hear.                                       


That is a good arrangement, Mike.  The owner should buy the plants.  It is a great advertisement for use of his stones!  You could offer an agreement to maintain for a period to help him, then set up your local students to maintain and develop.  The stone yard owner should be smart enough to see this as a good arrangement!


Sounds like a great arrangement Mike. Now if the stone yard owner knows of a nursery only selling plants and does a lot of referral business with them, they may want to get involved also by donating plants.

Just a thought.

Glad to hear you are making good contacts in Mass.


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