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Greetings from Massachusetts!

Started by jahra, May 05, 2008, 12:29:45 pm

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 Greeting to everyone on the Japanese Garden forum from Massachusetts!

We have a home at the base of a hill, so our property has quite a few large
rocks and different levels. The former owner had a cherry tree and dogwood tree.

Last year, while raking leaves it hit us----we could make a Japanese Garden here!

Have slowly started with a small bridge and river stones (used marbles in blue color
from Michael crafts for the water and bling ;D) )  Also, have Japanese lanterns in large and small

Now starting to seek some ground cover and hopefully build a moon gate.

Looking forward to hearing about everyones projects!

And, thanks to Don for such a neat forum.



Jahra, welcome to the forum.  You will find a great amount of information and knowledge here!   None from me, but there are some very knowledgeable people on the forum. 



Jahra, welcome!  Ward is too modest :).  As you will see, this forum is a community of Japanese garden lovers working together to share, understand, and grow.


welcome to forum.
I will be red neck yankee . moveing from  warm Ga to cold New England soon.


Yama, welcome north!

A red neck yankee is known locally as a "swamp yankee" which I believe had something to do with early temperance laws so that alcohol consumption was done out in the swamps.

Tom in CT

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