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Hello from West Virginia

Started by shubunkin, April 28, 2008, 09:14:39 pm

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Hello, I'm new here.  I just put in a mud pond a little less than 1/8 acre and I'm planning to transform it into a Japanese garden or, at least, something resembling one. 
I love the look of Japanese gardens but I don't know much about making them.  Hoping to learn a great deal here.
I have ordered bamboo to plant along one side of the pond, so that will only leave me two sides to landscape (it's triangular in shape).  I also have a 3000 gal. and a 2000 gal. lined ponds in the back yard just up the hill from the mud pond  and, if this works out, I may try to extend the Japanese garden look all the way to the back door.
I'm no spring chicken, so this project will probably keep me busy the rest of my life.  Oh, well, I can think of no better way to spend it.  I love gardening and I have a prize collection of shubunkins, but I plan to raise mostly Koi in the mud pond.


Humm, wonder if you like fancy goldfish?  Welcome Shubunkin!  Sounds like you do have a retirement project.  We look forward to trading ideas with you on your Japanese garden construction.



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1949 has a familiar ring to it.  Welcome, and from one not so spring chicken to the other, sounds like you have quite a project going.  I would love to see a photo of the ponds.  I drool over space like a 1/8 acre pond and dream of winning the lotto.  That is what it would take to get me to move.  :)

Welcome and it will be fun to see how you transform your land into a garden.  Take the time to plan pathways and hard scape.  Its all in the planning.  So take your time and do a lot of homework. What is your topography like?  Hills, flat, wooded?
Cheers  June


I plan to chronicle the project in pictures.  Right now, the mud pond is surrounded by bare ground, not a very pretty picture. 
My back yard, where the two lined ponds are is fairly level, sloping to the mud pond.  A gentle slope by hillbilly standards, but some might consider it steep.
I've only got 1 and 1/2 acres and the house and ponds sit on about 3/4 acre.  So you can imagine I've got more water in my back yard than I do grass. 


Right now, the mud pond is surrounded by bare ground, not a very pretty picture. 

Shuby,(short for shubunkin)  But that picture from a vantage point that would include the surrounding area or distant views, could tell us alot.  And when you ask a question about something, that photo could be referred to and help with an answer.


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