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From Montreal, Quebec

Started by Clovis, October 11, 2007, 07:46:41 am

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If the way I write let you think I
Labor omnia vincit improbus


Welcome Clovis,  I have visited your garden through the Internet and look forward to seeing your latest project.  Your English seems perfectly fine to me, wish I could speak French!

Cheers  Jando


Most of the datas, for the new projetc aren't linked to main menu.
I will fix this when I have time.
In the meen time, I'll put some links in related topics, one at the time.
Labor omnia vincit improbus


Welcome Michel.  A friend of mine finished a project in Montreal and sent me photos.  It is very beautiful there!

Au revoir.



Welcome Michel or Soyez la bienvenue,

You'll find that all people are friendly and helpful in this forum, excluding me...he...he.
I'll sure help you with your English, but (there is always a but), you have to help me with my French. Do ut des, to say it succint.

And I am an 8 year old boy, when it comes to that.
I cannot help/verify my daughter with her homework anymore, as she is in a French immersion school.

Regards from a fellow Canadian,

I find your motto, Persistent labour conquers everything, quite appropiate for labouring in a garden, especially when it comes to a Japanese style garden.

"Men are slower to recognize blessings than misfortunes." Titus Livius


OK, first french lesson then.

Soyez la bienvenue, is correct for a female   ('La' is for girls)

Soyez le bienvenu, is the correct form...
Labor omnia vincit improbus


Hi Clovis,

Sorry for this late response, but I've been very busy for a couple of months. I started with a new job on January 15, and also had to prepare for a "professional practice exam" here in Alberta in order to become a P.Eng. as a requirement for the new position. I had taken it this Monday, on the 21st, and then I had to go to Portland, which is basically why I'm checking the site again. I managed to squeeze a visit to the Japanese Garden and I'll be posting a thread in Photo forum soon.

Anyway, thanks for lesson. We were taught (back in Romania) that is "Soyez bienvenue", then I head it here "Soyez la..." and "Soyez le..." , now I'm enlightened...

"Men are slower to recognize blessings than misfortunes." Titus Livius


Liviu, good to hear from you.  I was wondering - but then thought you just needed to thaw.  Congrats on the new position!


Hey !
Long time no see...   ;D

Congratulation for the new job

Best regards
Labor omnia vincit improbus


Luviu,  I wondered what happened to you, nice to hear from you.  I was wondering what was new in your landscape, but with all the time spent on your new job you probably have not had much time for that.

I look forward to the photos from Portland.

Good to hear from you and congrats on your new job!


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