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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Hello World, greetings from Belgium

Started by niki, March 31, 2008, 02:35:03 AM

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Hello All,

As the title suggests, I am a software person, so not a gardening professional. I have 'lived' during 1.5 year in Japan ( the quotes are because it was only in periods from a few weeks to three months ) and I must say that I enjoy those nice gardens you see in temples, the emperial palace garden in tokyo and so on. I am going to start making a garden next to my house and so I started looking for info, pictures and so on to get some inspiration on the internet and this way, I tumbled into this forum.

At this moment, I am trying to design a roofed entrance gate and for this, I am looking for all the info I can get, since I want to do it as right as possible. The main reason why I want to design it myself is that I am a hobbyist carpenter ( I'm following courses on furniture making for this ). So if you have tips and tricks for this, let me know.




Welcome Niki!  There are some on the forum that have constructed gates and should be able to help you (ou may have to send them some chocolate!)  If you haven't already, go to the Structures board and ask for gate assistance.



Welcome Niki, it is great to see so many new faces with such great projects joining the forum.  I think things will get real interesting this year.

Cheers  June


Welcome Niki,
I have built 2 gates for my stroll garden.  Go to photography & pull up tdg in Portland, Or.  If you have questions I would be happy to share what I have done.  Terry


welcome Niki , I see that you followed my advice and joined us !



Hello Niki,

it takes time to figure out this forum, where to find certain postings. As Terry suggested look up his garden, it is amazing, you will find inspiration. There are other good pictures too, go to the members list, many of them posted pictures. For example  Clovis Garden and  my favorite , Lee's, www.leeschneller.com , but others too.