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October 29, 2020, 06:32:39 pm


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Hello from Atlanta, Georgia

Started by Lochamp, June 25, 2018, 12:54:34 pm

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Hi everyone,

I am a new member on this forum and excited to read and participate in these discussions.  I live in the Atlanta area and recently went on a trip to Japan with my wife, and we absolutely loved the gardens and natural landscapes of Japan.  I've been into bonsai on an amateur level for a few years now and am now getting more seriously into that hobby (shout out to any members in the Atlanta Bonsai Society).  That said, you'll mostly see me on the bonsai section until my wife and I outgrow our condo.  Nice to meet everyone!


Welcome to the forums!  Although Japan is an amazingly beautiful place, that beauty seems to be distilled to the finest in the gardens there.  Please check the World Japanese Garden Database on the main website and share with us any gardens you do not see listed there.

Again - welcome.

K.T. Cannon-Eger

Welcome to the Forum!
If you haven't been to Lush Life Home and Gardens at 146 Andrews in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, you will enjoy the journey. Bill Hudgins, owner, has quite the design eye and offers a good collection of plants out back and to the side of the shop.
Kinsaku Nakane's landscape design graces the back of the Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta.
Takeo Uesugi's three level garden is stunning from the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. In a somewhat neglected state when we visited in 2012, we learned Gibbs Landscaping had just taken over care of the garden and we hope it in in much better shape now. Gibbs Gardens is an hour north of Atlanta.
Another place you might like to visit is the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Best regards,


Wecome to the Forum!
I was recently in Northern Atlanta.  Are you ITP or OTP?  (Inside The Perimeter or, Outside The Perimeter)

Happy Gardening... Michael in Seattle


Thank you for the advice, Don and KT.  Great info on the gardeners.  I'm OTP in the Alpharetta area.


Ah.. OTP Alphertta...  Exactly where I was for my job at ATT. :)

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