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Hello from Eugene, OR

Started by Carleh, February 27, 2018, 08:12:56 pm

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We've decided to remove all our grass in the front yard - no more mowing!  Will bring in lots of windswept rock, grasses, a few trees.  After looking at the plan we decided to have a rock garden and that led me to this site.  I began learning bonsai about 15 years ago - and hope to bring some of that knowledge to our project.  Satsuki Azalea I've been working on for a few years


Welcome to the forum Carleh,

Rock garden is a nice idea. Have you already lots of books about this topic? If not look at the A JAPANESE GARDEN HANDBOOK, which you can find here. Also other books are referred in http://www.japanesegardening.org/site/publications/.

I have a rock garden also. One thing to remember is that it is not maintenance free. If you do not remove the rubbish weekly/daily, then a more thorough cleaning is needed at least once per year.


Thank you very much for the information - most helpful!




Welcome! I live in Salem and look forward to hearing about your progress.


Appreciate your letting me know and will post progress in a few months.  We did contact the Portland Japanese Garden and learned that the rock they now use for the dry gardens comes from Oregon Decorative Rock in Beaverton. 


K.T. Cannon-Eger

What a beautiful Satzuki azalea.
Welcome to the Forum.
You may wish to look at how some gardens display bonsai within or adjacent to a rock garden. Check out the Japanese Garden at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have a lovely web site.
The Huntington added a new bonsai garden about 6 years ago. Very nice display shelves.



Thank you and I appreciate the information.  The garden at Frederik Meijer Gardens is beautiful!

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