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October 23, 2020, 09:55:13 pm


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hello from Lyon, France

Started by sebb, October 30, 2017, 04:06:36 am

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Hi, my name is Séb, I'm from Lyon, France.
I am a member of JGO since 2016 but I never posted anything :too shy, afraid to be compared to the wonderful work of members, not sure of my English...
Nevermind, it is time for me to participate to the forum and to share my garden with all of you.
So, here are some pictures of the garden I have been working on for about 7 or 8 years. I specify that I don't assert that it is a "pure" Japanese garden" but gardens of Japan were truly the source of inspiration for mine. This is why you will find in it a lot of elements of JG such as stepping stones, pruned trees and shrubs, tsukubai, karesansui, tsuboniwa, a tiny pond, ishi doro...but as it is a family garden (I have a wife, two children and a dog) I couldn't exclude elements such a little swimming pool, a lawn to play ball, a swing and so on. Consequently, the main challenge was to find the good mix between a garden with a japanese spirit and a garden adapted to our western/european way of life. I hope I succeded but anyway it is an everyday pleasure to work and live in my garden, and to look at seasons passing through it.


Very nice looking garden. Thank you for the pictures.



Beautiful garden.  I especially love the picture of your side garden/yard. I am considering design options on the side garden at my home that connects the front courtyard garden to the rear pond.  Yjank you for sharing the wonderful images. Do you have more yiu can share? Thank you... michael in seattle.


thank you all for your nice words !
Here are some other pictures...
On the first one, the stairs connecting the backyard to the "superior garden" (nothing but a lawn to play football with the children and the swing), on pictures 2 and 3, a tsukubai carved in a boulder which function is only to make a refreshing sound and another one cast in concrete located on the right of the karesansui. On the fourth picture, a recently made nobedan located just before the tsuboniwa, seen on the first post, made of collected materials (stones, millstone...) in a mitate mono spirit.
Following another post with other pictures.


and other pictures...
on the first one the backyard with temporary nanako gaki to prevent the dog from walking in the freshly grown lawn,
on the second one is the frontyard. The nobedan was not built yet. It would be just before the blue pot in the back of the picture. Where I stand to take the picture there will be soon a chumon connecting the front garden to the "superior garden".
on the third picture, a pavement still made in a mitate mono spirit as I used concrete borders instead of granite slabs and boulders collected in the fields around my house.
Thank you again for your interest. It's really fun to share one's passion with other people from all over the world.


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