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Project on wellbeing through visiting Japanese gardens- visiting Japan this year

Started by DebbieintheUK, March 04, 2017, 05:36:30 am

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I have been awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowship to research wellbeing through visiting gardens/gardening programmes in Japan, from a wheelchair user's perspective. I will be spending five weeks in Japan this summer (July 4th-13th August). I am looking to learn from and share with other members of this forum who share my interest in Japanese gardens. I am particularly interested to learn more about Japanese garden design with a view to promoting wellbeing. I am looking to make contacts in Japan who may be able to assist me in my research project.
I look forward to getting know other members of the forum.


K.T. Cannon-Eger

What a fascinating project. I look forward to hearing of your travels.

Perhaps you already have this information, but this site may be of assistance.




Thanks for your response and the weblink.

Please see my blog for details of my project: https://horticulturetherapy1.wordpress.com/

You may also be interested in my Facebook site: www.facebook.com/Horticulture.Th1



Hello, Debbie.  I am wondering how your trip went and what you discovered.  When i was there many years ago, Japanese cities were leaps and bounds ahead of the US in accessibility.  Even where there were no elevators or lifts, attendants with white gloves literally came running and manually carried a person in a chair up stairs or through obstacles.  One of my home-stay hosts was wheelchair bound so i experienced Japan from that point of view.  I took a hundred photos that i delivered to our accessibility office upon my return.

Excellent accessibility was not so available in the rural areas.  For example, crossing over the bridge to access the other direction on a train often meant carrying the chair over, then returning to assist my host.

I would really like to hear what you experienced!


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