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Hello from Texas

Started by rbarzill, December 20, 2016, 03:32:51 pm

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Good Afternoon. 
I am from Houston TX and I am currently (albeit extremely slowly) building a japanese stroll garden. 


Very nice starting point. I would like to see pictures of your building the garden as you progress.



Just spotted this post!  Welcome to the forum fellow Texan!


Hi rbarzill,

I am going to say something you will not like: scale back. Japanese Gardens are very expensive and very time consuming, and require a lot of aesthetic judgment that comes from study, reflection, and interaction with experienced people. Creating an authentic Japanese stroll garden, which I would assume includes structures, ponds, streams, paths, etc, in the space you appear to have will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and constant upkeep. You will be challenged by the climate. You will be challenged by access to materials. I say this as someone who is reasonably intelligent, a decent gardener, enjoys research but is not a master carpenter, a millionaire, or a talented artist, and who has struggled for years to create a garden on quarter-acre city lot in the Northwest that has at least an affinity to Japanese Gardens.

Please take a few years to build something small while you study and plan your larger vision. Also, you might want to look at some of the naturalistic gardens of America by Frederick Law Olmsted or the "wild" English gardens of William Robinson. They have moron common with JG than one might think. Finally, and you may know this, a JG in Texas could be utterly "Japanese" in design aesthetics and not look at all like typical gardens in Japan b/c of different indigenous plants, hardscape materials, and building techniques.

Good luck and apologies if this comes across as patronizing or if you know all of this already.


No offense taken, but you're too late! The scale has already expanded! I know I'm never going to have the adachi museum garden, even the garden about an hour north of me that probably had a $10m budget doesn't look all that Japanese due to constraints in available plant choices.  I am content with a Japanese "flair" or just taking cues from Japanese design.   I have posted a thread in projects if you want to keep up with my stroll.


Will do on following the project.

You might enjoy a thread Pstantan and a few of us had about authenticity and adapting a JP garden to the US (if you haven't read it already).

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