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Started by patch, December 05, 2007, 06:46:06 pm

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Greetings from Bel Air, Maryland.

Been lurking and learning from the forum for some time.
Hope to ask many questions and learn all the right answers.

Like so many others before me... I was just going to build a little fish pond in the back yard...
Now, I hope to learn how to prune the pine, set the stones, etc.etc.etc.



Welcome to mJG Patch!!!!  You have joined at the right time.  You will find that most of the dialogue here ramps up in the winter months and the rest of the year we are all too busy in our own gardens to spend behind a computer.



Thanks for the welcome,

Not many (any) opportunities in my area to learn J Garden skills. I attended a lecture on JGarden design last spring at Shofuso in Philly but, It just wasn't enough... 
Also I have a subscription to JOJG for the past year and a 1/2. It is helpful but, I feel that I learn better with hands on participation.
Has anyone taken the JGarden pine pruning class at Brooklyn Botanical ? If so, would it be worth while for me to make the three hour drive for the few hours course. (Not sure on how much hands- on they allow a amatuer to do ?)
I own a copy of "niwaki" and have done some candling on several small pines in my yard. My fear is that I will kill them. 
Appreciate any response or recommendation.

Thanks Patch


Hi Patch,


Don't worry about killing your pine by candling or pruning, it would take a lot of pruning to do that!

Workshops are good if you are able to do some hands on.

Keep with the candling and pruning, a few cuts to start with until you are comfortable with it.
Pine pruning is not learned overnight and takes a long time before one becomes completely comfortable doing it.

Study photos of Jgarden pines, and if possible head out to the wilderness to observe how nature forms them. Visit gardens to observe the forms.  You'll be able to see easier, where to cut once you understand the habit of the pine.



Not to worry Patch, Al is right you won't kill your pine because I haven't killed any of mine yet.  But it might not look quite how you wanted.  You learn from mistakes and who knows what a few years of growth from that mistake might develop.  And yes take all the classes you can.  You will gain confidence and learn a great deal.  Just be sure to ask questions about what you don't understand.

And welcome to the forum.

Cheers  June

george in the uk

Hi Patch,
Welcome to the forum, the only way that I find to learn is by being hands on and having a go, you can get your tips and instructions from books and of course now the internet, but at the end of the day it is you who is going to have to do it, and you do learn by your mistakes, my Japanese garden started with a small pond and has finished up with what I have today,you can see my Japanese garden on my website if you wish, but getting back to the prunning, yes give it a go and you will improve with time but like us all you have to start somewhere.
best of luck George.


 :) Thanks You all for the warm welcome and the advice...

I understand that the creation of a Japanese garden requires patients and a lifetime of learning. I shall learn to be more patient.
This past October I spent two weeks in Amakusa and Kumamoto City visiting my inlaws, whom I have not seen in about 8 yrs. They were gracious enough to take me to a few local gardens and I really did not want to leave.   
The more gardens I saw, the more determined I became to improve on my own garden and gardening skills.

George, your web site was one of the first Japanese garden sites I viewed. I must tell you that your garden and your do it yourself attitude was a real positive inspiration to me to take my first steps. Thanks You for being so gracious with that information.
Happy Holidays to all...

george in the uk

Hi Patch,
I am really pleased to have helped you in anyway and to say that my garden helped to inspire you has really made my day and helped to finnish my year off on a high note,thanks.

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