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japanese style tripod ladder making class

Started by Yama, December 05, 2007, 11:02:00 am

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Hi all
I am offering free trypod ladder making class in Atlanta Ga.
   Jan 13 08   sunday. At Atlanta Ga, Next to nude bar  ;D  Pidomont RD/Cheshire bridge Rd area.
   9:00 AM to around 5:PM or project finished.
Christian and Ben is coming from South Calorina. I am commiting my time and effort for those wonderfull two young peoples. I may be able to have one or two more  additional peoples for the class.
I know Christian for years , He is my former student and friend. Ben is new to me . I like him even have not met him.

What is Japanese trypod ladder ?
it is similar to orchard ladder or aluminum factory made trypod ladder. unlike orchard or aluminum ladder, I can use my trypod ladder 45 degree up hill. in water/around pond, wet or uneven ground, very tight spot. also I designed to able to attch 16 ' aluminum extention ladder to the trypod ladder so that I can reach much higher than  ordanary trypod ladder can reach.

I am not accepting every one.  only those who is/are met my condtions.

1) send me e mail. And tell me why I should spend my time for you.
2) if you came late to the  class. no matter how far you had to drive , then Class has  no room for you. if
    you want know  why, I tell you the reason.
3) you have to stay beging to end include clean up. If you have to go somewhere before the class end.
    I will not speak to you rest my my life.   I am only giving my time for those who are eager to learn.

This is only and last offer while I am in Georgia.  You will never see this oppotunity in your life time again any where, any time soon. unless you go to Japan.

For those who can't visit me, I will post photos and drowing  If Micheal /nachodaddy help me to uncode my English and correct it . (also posting drowing and photo)
If you can't see text, photos and drowing ,   Blame Micheal  ;D    :o 
This is sort of my public service.    ;D

To make trypod ladder only you need low tech tools such as chseal, file/rasp , dril ,hand saw. wrench .
Know how is big part.

Have safe, joyful/wonderfull holiydays.                                      Stone head   yama


Hi all
One of student ( only two  ;D ) posted photo of trypod ladder on gardenweb/japanese garden forum he made after attending my class.
I am so proud of Steve's  trypod ladder. Please  take a look. If some one post it here , it will be great  :D

you are next.


Yama-san.  Please ask him to send me an email with permission to use the photo.  Or he can join this forum and post it himself.



Hi, Yama

I am presently looking for suitable materials for the construction of my own ladder. I told Don that I would post photos and write up an article for this forum when and if you and I are able to get together and finish the ladder we started. It is a shame that having to make a living gets in the way of so many things we would rather do with our time, isn't?  :(


Do you have steve's email address ?    Will you write him and send email to him.  It may help many of peoples here.     

Potable sawmill operater may have cured hard woods in your area,  White pine or red oak work well.   try make one your self.  If you get into problem , Call me.    Mistake is your the  best teacher.  Remember to masure  2 inch above  of your knee cap. You need table saw to rip 2'' stock , rest can be done by hand saw and file chesal.       Yama.


Not white pine, should be white oak    ;D


Hi, Yama

I did not realize that you had finished the ladder when I posted the above .... and thanks for your call. No, I don't have Steve's address but I can reply to his post in GardenWeb. It is a good idea to ask at local sawmills ... I will do that! Thanks! :D


Hi Ben
I have another sets which are not worked yet .   If you like to visit me some other time, you can.  I am working on pine tree pruing now. Finding how to teach  pine tree pruning best way.    I just called Dr Rousser asking him to teach me take photo, he said yes so, after he retune from vacation I am going to learn how to take photo.   If I can rip hardwood, I am going to make trypod ladder with dementioned lumber. I have 9  hickory trypodladders  now. < 4' 10" to 12feet high>
later, I buy one aluminum trypod ladder and modify it and make another with dementioned lumber.  That will be enought for rest of my life and Cady ;D  Cady has one 8' alminum  trypod ladder .   

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