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Hi Everybody,

Started by kabuki999, November 17, 2014, 08:02:16 am

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Greetings from Hungary !

Thank you for your welcome, Edzard, Don, Michael, Terry and your helpful attention to my post concerning Niwaki exercise on 10 year old black pine.
Attached is a winter photo of my Japanese influenced garden pond in the back of my house. Pond was created in over a decade ago and works real well and it is always a pleasure to look at and relax by it.
Hope I will be able not only to learn, but perhaps also to modestly contribute to your forums with whatever relevant experience I might be able to share.   

Best wishes to all,



Welcome Aboard! I just love the image you gave.  A warm little light in the midst of cold.  It reminded me of a picture I saw the other day from.... Meiji Jingu....

Enjoy.... and Happy Gardening... Michael in seattle


I'm glad you like it, Michael.
I know my photo doesn't show all that much of the actual garden itself, but it does reflect a certain mood, and isn't this why we all draw inspiration from the Japanese masters, to create wabi sabi havens here and there? Yes, the  Meiji Jingu image does indeed have a very similar atmosphere... thanks for sharing. 


Your photo shares the soul of the garden.  Thank you.  The photo gave me the same feeling as the little light in the snow.

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