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4-19-14 -- Portland J.G. -- Shuho Ikebana Demonstration

Started by tdg, March 03, 2014, 07:15:31 pm

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Shuho-Ikebana Demonstration

Saturday, April 19
Pavilion Gallery
$10 Members / $15 Non-Members
Reservations required. Space is limited
Reservations open March 25 at 8am japanesegarden.com/events or (503) 542-0280
The Garden is honored to present a special demonstration of ikebana by Shuho, the master of Ikebana at Ginkakuji (Jisho-ji) Temple. She is also the founder of Ginkaku-ji's Center for Ikebana Studies. She is in charge of organizing international cultural exchange through the arts as they are practiced at the Ginkaku Jisho-ji Temple Kenshu Dojo Study Center, where she oversees the teaching of ikebana, incense ceremony, tea ceremony, and waka poetry.
Known as the Silver Pavilion, Ginkakuji is one of the most revered Zen temples and gardens in all of Japan. Located at the foot of Kyoto's eastern mountains (Higashiyama), it was built 1482 by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa as a retirement villa that was converted into a Zen temple after Yoshimasa's death in 1490. Ginkakuji became the center of the development of what is known as Higashiyama Bunka, the Culture of the Eastern Mountains, because it fostered the earliest development of the traditional Japanese arts of tea ceremony, flower arrangement, noh theater, poetry, garden design, and architecture.

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