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November 26, 2020, 11:52:39 pm


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pine tree pruning and Boulder setting by manualy

Started by Yama, October 11, 2007, 10:07:48 pm

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Hi all
I am going to prune a pine treee and set one to three boulder(s).
The Pine tree is on ground of the restaurant. Since pintree is the customer's, I can't let's you to touch the pine tree but you can watch how to prune. How to set bamboo to lower the branchs, how to tie etc.
It is have to be done in short time. If you miss this time, you can see how to prune next spring.

It is not kind of fancy  boulder work. setting boulder to protect grass and curb from next door's deliverly trucks. it is same way to set boulder in the Japanese garden however. Useing try pod and chain hoiost.

If you are intrested to watch or paticepate, let's me to know.
Location : Atlanta GA ( Buck head are)
contact : Mike Yamakami . japanesegardener1@ yahoo.com.
             When you sent  to me  email  leave your phone number as well. I call you only at my convenent time . I may not able to replay to all email also.         
It is not mean to be a class. I am working for the customer. If someone intrested, I may able to  spare my time for him/her.
Please let's me to know if you are intrested.                   


Mike, I am hopping on a plane this morning, unfortunately going in the wrong direction.  I leave for Galveston TX.  But I think it would be great if someone near you took photos of your work.  I remember the photos from your last class and they were great.  Pruning is such a tricky job and I wish I could be there to see you in action.

And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POSTER.  it was beautiful.  You never did email me with your #. 

Anyone who is close should take advantage of Mike's offer.

Cheers  June


Hi, Yama

Do you know what date/time you will be doing this? I am 150 miles/240km away but would like to
take a day off to participate/observe. thanks, ben


Yama-san, please pick me up on your way to the restaurant.  I will spread the tarps and rake the leaves for you.  San Antonio is just to the South and West of the restaurant...

Arigato gozau mashita!


Don and june
I am still in transiton to new place. Once I settle in new place. You can visit me or I/we visit you. next year I am going to settle in for good.

Don : Can I get free pass ? I pull out your weeds  :o
Ben :
You are coming to Atlanta Jan 13 08 . sunday. Since Christian wanted to learn how to make trypod ladder, I am going to teach him.  While I was in need of his help, he came to Atlanta number of times to help me.    he came from Greenvill SC, never miss my class in past .
I look forwar to see you.

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