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International Symposium in Tokyo in September

Started by Lee, July 22, 2007, 07:36:00 pm

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Hello everyone --- I'm so sorry I've been completely off the forum for months due to the demands of the busy season.  I'm sure I've missed a lot --- I just skimmed through pages of posts I missed.   :'(

A friend in the Seattle area just sent me this notice of the next International JG Symposium.  I don't think I'll be able to make it on such short notice, but maybe some of you are interested.  I went to the one in Seattle a couple of years ago and enjoyed it tremendously.


Hope to check in more frequently before too long.




92 hits on the wall and no one is going from this board...!?

But i heard there were almost a dozen registrants from N.A. - EU, ......
-- registration cutoff date is nigh, official hotel has been announced.
              curiousity... , so no one..?                      edzard


For anyone still wishing to attend the Symposium -- the cutoff for registration is September 5th, the web address is in Lee's opening post for the PDF download.

I have received a different email address for the IAJG, which is currently 'info@'
and according to Saheki san (Cap), should be     web@japanesegarden.com

Saheki san can also be reached at <FIBREXCORP@aol.com> for specific questions.

Hotel information is through Japan Travel Bureau, (Tomohiro) Yusa san,  <t_yusa869@jtb.jp> and is the Takadano Baba Hotel,

The after tour to see Kenrokuen and other gardens in the Kanazawa area is also handled by JTB, Yusa san.

Other arrangements, JR Pass for travel and so on would be ones own responsibility etc., but there are agencies (JTB) that can make this easier for the unfamiliar traveler.

        hope this helps,              edzard


I have applied to the Teubert Intl. Foundation for funding.  What language(s) are the presentations?


chuckle.. thanks Don... I applied as well, they are still processing my application...
Good question,.. I believe, Japanese with english translation provided.


Teubert, Intl. didn't come through for me.  So, Edzard-san, could you share some notes when you return, please kind sir?

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