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Hi from Espoo Finland

Started by espookid, January 21, 2014, 11:42:32 pm

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Just to introduce myself
I am a retired carpenter who has a dream of creating a Japanese garden within my land .I have 5 acres and it is half forest so I am not restricted to a position .I want to build a "walled" garden with a "stream" and I would just like to sit and read or relax in there .Because of the place I live I would like to use the natural plants and stone  as I think it will look so much more authentic .I am quite handy with most things so the project doesn't daunt me but I am not sure whether I should orientate it in a specific direction to the sun ,I would imagine it will be in the afternoons in summer that I will use it most .I think it should be simple and not a collection of typical "Japanese garden ornaments" crammed into the space .All ideas will be welcomed and thanks for the membership


Welcome to the forum!

Do you have any pictures or sketches of the location?  Any scenery or views of surrounding streams on the property already?

Since you mention summer and afternoon.... It seems you might want a view on the sunset to the west south west?

... Michael


Hi Espookid,

My garden is in Noykkio, Espoo. Wintertime not the best for visiting one's garden, but once the summer comes (and my bamboo has survived the winter) you are welcome to visit my garden and we can have a small talk about Japanese gardens.



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I have been wondering about your bamboo.  No matter how it turns out, please post a picture for us.

What a kind offer to share your garden with Espookid.  I was recently able to visit another forum member's garden and it was wonderful.  The kindness was extended for a follow up visit in the spring.  Gardens are so different with the seasons. Hopefully after the spring visit, I can post some pictures of my experience visiting that persons garden on the forum to share.

Overall, I have been thinking about the some way garden members who are "near" each other globally could share or have conversations and get better "connected".  Nothing as personal as garden visits (Although that is fantastic).  A more simple way the forum could promote conversations, about local plant life, local traditions, and bringing them to Japanese Gardening.  I set up a sample post.    Interested in other members who are in their same region of the world?

I would really appreciate your comments on that thread regarding what you think of the idea.  Have a great day!

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