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June 25, 2021, 06:01:19 AM


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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Hello and thank goodness I found you all from Kew!

Started by morrination, June 26, 2012, 03:30:24 PM

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So here it is... ;)

1)  Spent so long trying to find like-minded Japanese Garden enthusiasts, great to join!

2)  I am in a 2.5 by 12 m courtyard/normal terraced garden in Kew, London. I have re-done my garden a few times to say the least, but am really happy wiyh it now!

3) Alot of my inspiration came from A Japanese Touch for Your Garden [Paperback]
Kiyoshi Seike originally then i moved onto
Landscapes for Small Spaces: Japanese Courtyard Gardens by Katsuhiko Mizuno (6 Nov 2006) and
Courtyard Gardens of Kyoto's Merchant Houses by Katsuhiko Mizuno.

4) I have gone to town on the fencework and have really embraced the courtyard garden look.

5)  We are about to recieve our wedding present 150 com kasuga lantern and this should complete the package. Only then will I be happy to bash out some shots.

6)  Im really into Bonsai and have 2 x that are over 100 yrs old.

7) My hope is to get my shots online and get some coaching by any pros out there as well as get a look at some of your guys gardens....

8)  I was even thinking of inviting any jaapnese courtyard garden enthusiasts to come have a look if they live nr bye...

Any ways, great to be a part of this network

Ciao for now

Johnny Morris  :)


Welcome to the forum Johnny Morris...
good choice of authors.. I (dare one say we ?) look forward to the photos..

are the bonsai part of the landscape, designed into it, or are you displaying them separately?
(what species of bonsai??)



1)  actually no they're a separate entity....this could be a good move, but I would have to check some e.g's of Bonsai inergration...

2)  The courtyard design has been truly enjoyable, the hrs ive spent have in there have been immense!

Chat soon Johnny


There used to be a saying that "bonsai start in the garden and eventually return to it".
something like this? Nakanishi Yoichi   Takasago-an



Welcome to the forum Johnny and I am sure you enjoyed the film clip, as I have, that Edzard shared.

Best of luck,



YA the clip of the mini Bonsai world was outstanding, both in origonalty and effort. A great concept. I only wish I had another garden to replicate such an amazing and original plan! He must have em,ployed a number of Bonsais to create the Bonsai world  :).  I shall get my courtyard shots up....The only thing is I have a few bits more to go...JM