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Hi, glad to join this forum

Started by Martin, February 19, 2012, 09:12:30 am

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Hi, I have just joined and an hoping to pick up some good tips.  Happy to give my views, although I am still starting out, so it's early days for me.  I have a small garden and I would not like to give up my (small) lawn or an area where I plant flowers year after year.  I am hoping to convert 1/3 of my garden into a Japanese tea garden style, so I guess I also have the challenge of making sure that the two styles complement each other....a bit of a tall order!  I am happy to think long and hard before I jump in..................BTW I live in MALTA, it can get pretty hot around here, so getting the right plants is also going to be challenging.  Still intend to enjoy it!   ;D


Martin, welcome to the forum!!
an interesting endeavor you have in front of you..
everytime the japanese garden has jumped through geographic growing zones, the garden has adapted and marginally evolved. i think a maltese japanese garden would be of considerable interest, if only for the list of plants you will adapt to suit your desires.
And at each turn I find that there are differing perceptions of what the gardens typologies are understood as. And this is logical as all people see different things in any one thing commonly shown to all. as a result, i would appreciate seeing some examples of what you feel the style is, of the japanese tea garden. If you explain your understanding and perception then I will be able to understand why this mixing of uses may be 'a tall order' .      edzard


Thanks Edzard. I'll run my thoughts past the forum.  I am still at the thinking/planning stage.  Regards.

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