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Greetings from Jando

Started by Jando, March 22, 2007, 09:11:56 am

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Hi June ---

I guarantee they did not eat it if it had Tree Guard on it.  There are lots of brands of deer repellents.  Check it out!  (...and I promise I'm not working for the company on the side...!   :))



This is the first year the deer haven't "trimmed" my maples. I think they have lost their path that used to lead around the yard and down into the garden. They know that there is no way out,once inside and a couple of them have panicked and nearly hurt themselves jumping into a creek nearby or getting trapped under a deck (since removed). Their path was changed, I believe, by a liberal application of something called "Liquid Fence". I use it on most of the "deer food" in the front and they just seemed to have stopped coming around. Great! They still thrive on the neighbor's roses and occasionally they'll munch on some rock roses I have as a small hedge near the street. How do they eat those thorns?!
I'm happy to see the forum going again and shall be here more often. I'll introduce myself later this PM. Weeding now before it gets too hot.



June, I noticed from the time of your postings ,( late night or early morning ? )that your an owl, like me! Don't you just love the quiet house, nobody is bothering you, asking you to do something else. One of my cats is coming to check me out hourly, sits on the keyboard, forcing me to give it it up, go to bead to read a little bit more. Or wait till I hear the birds to start their day. Oh, the good retirement days!

Cheers   Andrea


Dave and Lee,  I know why I haven't used Deer Guard, I can't find it in my area.  But I think because we are gone for over 2 months the effect wears off of the other products I have used.  Or I have not sprayed the area enough.  I think I am going to have to think about a fence maybe the neighbors will take pitty on me and allow one. 

And yes Andrea the mornings are my quiet time, just relaxing with a cup of joe.  I have always started my day early and ended it late.   But as I get older the late gets earlier!!!


Andrea, that's hitting below the belt.  Shame! I sit at my desk eating lunch on a rainy monday and YOU have the nerve to flaunt your retirement?  Boo, hiss, where's the moderator!!!  Oh well, I'll wait until I retire and do the same to someone else.

             ; )

Rain does in most deer repellants except the kind with a double barrel.  I have found cayanne pepper works for all kinds of animals - no effect on birds.  There are cheap sources on the web.  It even works on feral hogs.



well, I'm so lucky! Should I mention the other perks too what comes with it?  Knee and back problems, less body strength, not to be able to move the rocks and pots as before, etc...!

But not to get up at 7:00 a.m. and rush to work  IS PRICELESS.

BTW, I still work , but as much as I like!


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