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Gravel/sand used in traditional Zen gardens

Started by NcgOsh, November 13, 2011, 09:19:09 pm

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Hi Guys

I am having difficulty finding the kind of gravel/sand used in traditional Zen gardens (or at least suitable substitute).

Can anyone please help with suggesting then name and grade of gravel typically used?

I am in Melbourne (Australia) and would like to know places I could buy them.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


NcgOsh, welcome aboard...
for the most part the gravel is a dull beige white grey about 3/8" +- gravel from river beds. As riverbeds can no longer be mined other gravels are substituted.

If you try the search box in the upper right hand corner there are several entries that would apply to your question. Since I do not know the color of the stone you are using, I can not recommend a color.
sample thread with some additional information :
            hope this helps, or please refine the question,  edzard   p.s. make sure the gravel does not glare and is a matt finish, pure white is not a good solution.

george in the uk

Hi NcgOsh
The best thing to use in your Zen garden is Limestone chippings the size being 8 to 10mm as this size is ideal for raking, any smaller and it is like sand which is to fine and any larger it dosn't rake to well.
I used it in my Japanese garden and found it ideal.

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