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Hello from Frankfurt/Germany

Started by KoiFanatic66, August 15, 2011, 09:58:55 am

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Dear all,

i would like to introduce myself to the members of this forum.

I am 45 years old, male and married. Since over 15 years i am keeping Nishikigoi (Koi) and I have already build four ponds for them and I intend to travel to Japan before I become 50.
Japanese Gardens are the most suitable surrounding for such a Koi Pond and I have collected about Japanese Gardening and related topics over 300 books yet.

In 2003 I have designed my first Japanese Garden in front of my house and after having build the fourth pond in 2006 I did the same in the backyard but it has still to be improoved. Hopefully I will get a better impression here how to do so.






Welcome to the forum Andreas.  Hope you find much useful information here and will share what you have learned as well!


george in the uk

Hi Andreas,
Welcome to the forum, I am also a koi lover and have kept them for about 40 years and had a couple in my pond that I had kept, for well over thirty years, I am sure you will enjoy all the information that you will be able to gleen off all the good guys and galls here, there are some really tallanted people here on this forum who freely give all the advice anyone could wish for. you can see the koi pond that I built if you visit George's Garden in members gardens.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I will post some pictures of my garden and pond in the respective section soon.


Hi, welcome to the forum. There are many koi lovers on the forum and I am one of them also. There is plenty of good information you will find here and I am sure we can learn much from yours experience too. We would love to see pictures of yours pond and garden as well and hope you will share many good information with rest of us.

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