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Lecture on Scholar Stones in Boston

Started by Lee, March 02, 2007, 01:37:45 pm

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A lecture for you fans of scholar stones at the Gardner Museum in Boston.  If you haven't been to this museum, it's definitely worth the trip.  They also periodically have lectures on Japanese gardens by well-known speakers.



Hi Lee. I wonder if Kemin Hue will be there. She is in the business of Scholar Stones and is located in Boston.

Thankyou for sharring. I think this is something for me to attend.



Hi Lee : )
P.S ?

Main : Photography , Subject 'Testing 123 '  I have two stones.

One is of a sculptural quality stone of a human form.

Other is a surface pattern stone of a Dragon.


Yes, Richard --- those are beautiful stones --- thanks for posting photos!




I'm curious if anyone went .

I had called my sister who resides in Boston. Informing her I was going to attend this event. She cleaned house bought groceries and was so happy to have me . Well , I called to let her know I was to work instead . My work revolves around the weather and since it was due to snow I would miss one day of work. The scholar stone event would have been another day and including sunday which is an off day that would lead to 3 days in a week off . I excersize horses . A week like that would set them back for the races an entire month. I jogged the horses in the snow today and in the pouring rain yesterday.  Was alot of fun. Horses love a change of weather . Going around in circles on a clean consistent surface all the time can become monotonous for horses . Having a foot of snow or 4 inches of mud to deal with makes them peppy and ironicaly relaxed . I wonder how many piles of snow melting in the spring sun will appear as chinese scholar stones of abstract shapes like Taihu stones. I'll take pics if possible.

I was so close to going !

Next time : )

Thankyou for sharring Lee.

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