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Don Pylant, April, 2021

Hi from Belgium

Started by Agatar, August 16, 2010, 03:32:33 PM

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Hi, my name is Wesley. Since a long time i'm fasinated by the Japanese people and their vision of nature. Last year i started following bonsai workshops. And at this moment i'm working on my Koi pound. With the soil from digging the pond i wanted to make a landscape japanese garden. But i didn't find much information in dutch. This way i hope to find some more information here.



Welcome, Wesley.  By the way, I work for chocolate.   :D

Browse the forum and see if there are subjects here that might help you.  There is a search feature i often forget about built into the forum. 


Hi Wesley,

welcome on the forum, i have 23 books of Japanse gardens and archictecture at my home and they are all in English indeed, quality books in Dutch are not available.

I am living in the Netherlands so also dutch speaking. Have you visited the Japanese garden in Hasselt, Belgium ?  If you did not, it's a must see !

On this forum you can find excellent advise from real experts.

If you want to read you can see the list of books : http://japanesegardening.org/pubs.html

If you describe what kind of book you are searching for i can also recommend some. See also my website: www.japansetuin.com.

Regards, Ton


Thanks for the reply,

I haven't visited the japanese garden in Hasselt, even if it is only 15 min from my home.  :-[

At this moment i used the soil from my koi pound to create a walking pad surrounded with little hills.
Later this week i will try to put a picture of in on the forum. So you can have an idea of what i'm trying to create.

Not sure what book i need, some to get some impressions of japanese gardens, and one with the plants that are used in these gardens.



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have you already visited the Japanese garden in Hasselt, Belgium.

There was chrysanthemums festival at the garden.

Here two links with some very nice pictures of this festival and the garden, it is also for other forum members very interesting to see:


Regards, Ton