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for us midwesterners

Started by Gardenberry, February 13, 2007, 09:53:13 am

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Short notice, but if anyone is interested.

Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee
Saturday, February 17 at 9am
Historical Gardens of Japan
Presented by Kristin Berry, Horticulturist of Elizabeth Hubert Malott Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Garden

For more details, check out the website www.boernerbotanicalgardens.org


excellent... good on you..
will there be proceedings published? would love to read them..
too far away, sorry to miss any opportuntiy to hear insights into gardens.
best regards as always,... edzard


No proceedings. This is a general overview, general public kind of talk, with some pretty pictures and kind of the story of the evolution of Japanese Gardens. I developed this talk from info. I got at the Intensive Seminar in Kyoto and expanded on it to make a full presentation.



:) :) :), I've attended quite a few 'basic evolutions' and evolution depends on who is presenting and which evolution, as at least 3 ways of presenting evolution exist - have been done. I'm sure there are even more ways and always look forward to individual insights.

-general overview... -whats that? and those are the best kind to attend because there is always something that is more important to one person than another.. my focus of general would be different than your focus of general, and to me, might even be specific containing things I had not thought of or been aware of...

- as no two presenters are alike... and that by itself makes every presentation worth attending..
have fun presenting and I'd still like to see even an outline that might fit into the 'history' category on here - not to mention an alternative under 'papers'...
No matter how basic it is, these are your thoughts (learned and personal) on evolution and that is what counts. (perception is and should be the focus = how do people perceive the Japanese garden...

when were you at the Intensive Seminar in Kyoto?
   thanks for doing the presentation.. there aren't enough people doing that as it takes time and dedication. Let people know when you are doing another.
(btw.. there is an envelope looking icon on the left side of this post.. would you press for me and send it to me.. no words required.. just send it so at least I can send some followup pruning information. thks)

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