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Title: March 2012 New Poll OPEN for the latest Showcase Website
Post by: edzard on March 13, 2012, 01:39:25 am
I guess we have all been busy, too busy to mention that the Showcase and Survey Poll has changed again.

Once again, the purpose is to find out what information readers would like to find and feel they would benefit the most from.. please click buttons for yourselves so that we know what the interests are:

Andrew Deane, a teacher in Tokyo, has set about compiling an 'online handbook' of Japanese Gardens - and japanesegardensonline.com is more than that. Andrew describes, through western eyes, the process of constructing his own garden: a genuine modern day, family garden in a suburb of Tokyo, built by professionals.

Find more information and link to this site here: http://japanesegardening.org/surveys/index.html (http://japanesegardening.org/surveys/index.html)