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Don Pylant, April, 2021

JAPANESE GARDENING FORUM - Registration and a few Rules!

Started by don, January 18, 2008, 07:02:30 PM

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Welcome to the Japanese Garden Forum!  This is a community of people with an interest in Japanese gardening, where ideas and information about everything from "Where do I start" to history and development are discussed.  Membership includes garden professionals, architects, etc, on the same ground as those of us just developing an interest or starting our garden.  You can ask about how to get started with your garden or take part in a lively debate on the history and importance of Japanese gardens.

Guests can view the Front Desk section, but if you want to participate in the main Forum, you have to register.  Then you will have access to thousands of posts on thousands of Japanese gardening related topics.  There is a delay of a few hours to a day or more before approval.  This process is not to exclude anyone with a genuine desire to learn or share, but is meant to protect those that do share their hard-earned knowledge and experience on this forum from those that would steal it for profit.

If you don't provide a real email address, we cannot complete your registration.  When you register, you have a privacy option for your email address.

The creator of this Forum insisted that all participants be respectful of others (Thanks, Michael Brenner!).  That continues to be the foundation of the Japanese Gardening Forum.  Please be open to share and open-minded to what others wish to share.


1.  Be nice.

2.  After your registration is approved, you have access to the main Forum.  You are responsible for what you post.  After you hit the post button, you have 15 minutes to modify your post.
3.  If you are new to Japanese gardening, don't be afraid to ask questions, but be patient.  Many contributors to the Forum have worked hard to receive their knowledge and now make their living by it.  They may not wish to lay it all out as freely as you may like.

4.  If you are a professional, your knowledge and expertise are treasures to this this Forum.  Have patience and appreciate their eagerness to learn more.

5.  The "Journal of Japanese Gardening" (Sukiya Living) is very controversial to some.  Discussions are welcome but keep this in mind and do not get into arguments.

6.  This forum does not follow the reasoning, "There is no such thing as a Japanese Garden outside of Japan".   Yes, there are rules established about how stones should be placed, or the positioning of elements for a Japanese garden, but if you have a personal vision, then that is your prerogative.  If someone gives you a suggestion on how to enhance it and tells you why, it is up to you to take it or not.

7.  Be polite.  People put a lot of time and effort into their gardens and most don't want to hear they have done everything wrong.  If you see something you don't like or that could be improved, keep it to yourself, or offer gentle suggestions.  And if you are on the receiving end, understand the intent is to help.  As mentioned above, it is still your garden.

8.  Different people have different opinions on religion, symbolism, politics, and culture, and how they relate to Japanese gardens.  Your credibility goes up when you can cite from credible sources and the stronger you put it out there, the stronger the replies are going to be.

9.  Please do not shorten the word "Japanese" to "Jap."  It is a term that is derogatory to anyone of Japanese descent.

10.  JGO forums do not allow blatant advertizing and promotions of your products or paid ad website.  If you wish to support Japanese Gardening Organization as a sponsor, your name, logo and a link to your website will be listed on the pages of the website to acknowledge your support.  In addition, JGO has a resource section that provides Japanese gardening visitors sources for garden designers and products.  Contact us at development@japanesegardening.org for more information.

11.  Be nice.