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April 11, 2021, 02:19:27 AM


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Don Pylant, April, 2021


Started by pstanton, February 29, 2016, 09:49:01 AM

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Thought Peter Barakan, and Japanoloy would be popular here, but searching the site; was no result for them?



What is this and how does it work?  Is there a fee?


It is just a list of titles of a series which apparently ran on NHK television for seven seasons or so.  I think?  Most of the titles seem to have been uploaded to youtube.  I'm guessing it must have been a weekly series since there are seven years with about 40 episodes per.  All facets of life in japan, with a lot on arts and crafts, gardens, rocks, moss, on and on.  Just google japanology with the title you want to view for the youtube video.
No fee. Peter Barakan is the host.



Thank you for this information. I had no knowledge of its existence and the programs I have viewed so far are very well done.
Again Thank You

K.T. Cannon-Eger

I truly enjoy NHK.
Thank you for posting a link to this series.


Pete E.

April 07, 2016, 07:21:29 PM #6 Last Edit: April 07, 2016, 07:30:04 PM by Pete E.
Japanology Plus is also a series running on NHK...maybe their newer shows...(?)

With so much junk and reality-hell stuff on USA TV shows...treating myself to take the time to view these shows is really a treat.  Otherwise reading, gardening and playing guitar is a better use of my free-time.  And of course, talking with my wife and playing with my cats.


I especially enjoyed this one when it ran last year :

August 6, 2015
Shrine & Temple Carpenters

And of course this one :

July 2, 2015
Japanese Gardens

Pete E.

Here is a complete listing of all the shows of Begin Japanology :


K.T. Cannon-Eger

I really admire NHK for the quality of their productions AND for the absence of loud commercials every three minutes (or so it seems with US television).
Thanks again for reminding me of their many offerings online as well,



Thank you for a wonderful resource!


Definitely on of my favourite YouTube subscriptions!