Michael’s Comments:

The story of one mans journey creating his gardens.  I enjoyed much of this book.  This quote stuck me as similar to how gardening affects me…  On Page 35, 36

“Let us not forget that apart from magnificent landscape design, the garden in Japan is primarily intended to provide us with a space where, through activity and meditation, we an reach a state of awareness that is in harmony with the forces of nature.

On a more modest note, it is important to emphasize the activity - that is the physical effort involved in making and maintaining a garden.  This process is one of enlightenment.  It reveals inner resources of which we have previously been unaware, and it transforms our body, feeds our mind and contributes to a new awareness of ourselves.

It teaches us patience, and humility, as well as tenacity, but above all it forces us to be at one with nature so that we may understand it better, and through our communion with it, be able to reveal its essence.”


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Zen Gardens by Eric Borja

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