Kumamoto En  熊本園

Kumamoto En 熊本園

The Kumamoto En Japanese Garden is part of the Sister City relationship between Kumamoto City, Japan and San Antonio, Texas. It was constructed between March and April of 1989 by a team of carefully selected volunteer craftsmen and landscapers from Kumamoto, Kyoto, Tokyo, and San Antonio. This team included craftsmen from Yasuimoku Koumuten in Kyoto. The garden is patterned after the famous 300 year old Suizenji Park 水前寺 in Kumamoto and contains many of the same elements. These plaques in English and Japanese stand at the entrance to the Kumamoto En (pictured below).

Daimyo Fence 大名竹垣

Daimyo Fence 大名竹垣

Bamboo fencing is a valuable element in Japanese gardening. It is a way to create a special space while adding beauty at the same time. In this installment, we demonstrate how to build the Daimyo, or Shogun style fence. The photos are taken at Otsuka Bamboo in Kyoto,...

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