Commentary by Reiko Chiba:
(1959 and 1960) Charles  E. Tuttle Company Co. Original images in the book Reproduced with the kind permission of owner, Mr. Motomichi Mori, Yamaguchi Prefecture from photographs supplied by courtesy of the National Museum, Tokyo

My comments:
I have been attempting to study some related artwork relative to Japanese gardens.  Sesshu born in 1420 was mentioned in several references and this is an examination of his famous Long Landscape Scroll. I digitized a copy of the full picture if anyone wants it, let me know.   I had difficulty processing it with my western mind.  I believe it “unrolls from the right to the left and it depicts 4 seasons moving from Spring -> Summer -> Autumn -> Winter.

Given it is the winter season, here is a the last “winter” section of the scroll (I think), reversed for the western mind to read from left to right.  Upper to lower as it progresses.  Overlaps on each row for a person to understand where one scene ends and the next one begins.

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Sesshu’s Long Scroll - A Zen Landscape Journey


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