Recommendations & Reviews by JGO Members

If you have other publications that you would like to recommend and review, please contact us.  If you have read any of those listed here, please add your comments!

Sakuteiki: Visions of the Japanese Garden

  Sakuteiki: Visions of the Japanese Garden provides a foundational context for understanding many perspectives on Japanese Gardening. It begins with Visions of the Garden including the context of life in the period it was written.  The emphasis on Nature,...

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The Craft of Gardens by Ji Cheng

  Translated by Alison Hardie, with a foreword by Maggie Keswick. Photographs by Zhong Ming Better link press 2012 Although this is not strictly on Japanese Gardens, it is a very interesting book based on Gardening in the Chinese tradition.  I do not feel quite...

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Sukiya Living (Journal of Japanese Gardening) article index by subject

Sukiya Living Magazine (The Journal of Japanese Gardening) is a bi-monthly English-language print publication dedicated to the special world of Japanese gardens and Japanese architecture. Every other month, this 44-page magazine discuses various aspects of Japanese architecture, horticulture, art, and philosophy. Topics range from centuries-old design principles to modern, how-to construction and maintenance techniques.

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Zen Gardens by Eric Borja

Michael's Comments: The story of one mans journey creating his gardens.  I enjoyed much of this book.  This quote stuck me as similar to how gardening affects me...  On Page 35, 36 "Let us not forget that apart from magnificent landscape design, the garden in Japan is...

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Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens

The art of the Japanese garden is a 1,500-year-old landscape design tradition that is still evolving, still instructive. Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens explains the fundamental principles of this tradition and describes how those principles may be applied to a much wider range of environments than exists in Japan.

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