Otoko-musu (Otoko-musubi) is a very useful Japanese Bamboo Fence Knot.

Special knots are used for bamboo fencing, training trees, and for decoration. Here is a short video demonstrating a simple knot called “Otoko musu.” For the demonstration, the usual black palm rope is replaced with white cord to make it easier to follow the ties. The videos are taken at Otsuka Bamboo Company in Kyoto, Japan. Several other knots are simply variations of this knot.

Try tying this knot while watching the video. For most people, it is something the hands, as well as the mind, must learn to do.

by Don Pylant, Kyoto Japan, 2001

For information on bamboo fence construction, see Katsura Fence, Daimyo Fence, Kennin-ji Fence and Yotsume Fence

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