Japanese Garden Marketplace

Sources for Japanese garden supplies, products and services.

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Japanese garden designers

Garden Designers

Landscape architects and designers specializing in Japanese garden design.


Garden Builders

Contractors and craftsmen offering care and maintenance for Japanese gardens, including tree & shrub training & maintenance.


Japnese garden plants

Japanese Garden Plants

Sources for specialty trees, shrubs and other plants for Japanese gardens.  Includes nurseries that provide trained pines and maples.


Japanese gardening tools

Japanese Garden Tools

Pruners, saws, ladders and other equipment for construction, care and maintenance of Japanese gardens.



Lanterns, basins and other Japanese garden elements

Lanterns, Basins, etc.

Japanese stone lanterns and basins, rain chains, lighting, pond supplies and other Japanese garden related items.

Lanterns, Basins, etc.

Education, Training, Tours

Providers of training, tours, and other educational opportunities.


Friends of JGO

Japanese gardens, garden owners, vendors, suppliers, companies, organizations and other Friends of Japanese Gardening Organization.

JGO Friends

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