Jizō-in is a small Rinzai sect temple constructed in 1367 by Yoriyuki Hosokawa, with the founding priest, Musō Soseki.  Stationed in a thick grove of bamboo, this peaceful place is commonly known as “Take-no-Tera” or Bamboo Temple.  The stones in the garden represent the 16 Arhats (Buddhist Saints) in training.1  It was destroyed during the Ōnin war and reconstructed during the Edo Period.2

The Hiraniwa (flat garden) is beautifully landscaped moss garden and holds the Arhat stones.


1 Yamamoto, Kinzo 1989.  “An Invitation to Kyoto Gardens”, pg 45.  Suiko Books.

2 Information from the plaque located at Jizō-in.



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