This book is not as detailed in stone selection, shape, moods and scenic appropriateness as Magic Of Trees And Stones: Secrets of Japanese Gardening. It more generally classifies larger rock work concepts. For example it defines Kazan and Shukkei Rockwork. It goes on to classify several of the most famous Japanese Gardens by the Rockwork and describes them in significant details with wonderful black and white photos where seeing stone textures and details is quite easy. Since my work relates Daisen-in garden, I will include a few example images of that garden from this wonderful book.Beyond that practical learning’s on stone selection and arranging is simplified. A bit of detail on observing the vigor of a rock by observing its shape and textures are illustrated. Stones are then lumped into approximately 5 more general categories… Very similar to the “rows” of stone classifications in Magic Of Trees And Stones: Secrets of Japanese Gardening. Sample stone layouts by 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 rock groupings are provided. I found observing the “patterns” in the layouts with more stones interesting. But I prefer the “Feeling, Mood, Scene” approach. It seems more real. Still, the images do have a good flow. A few other fun things were sample estimated sizes of significant rock work in tons. That was an eye opener. Also some nice raked sand patterns. The book has much more to offer, but that is what it has given me in my current place of learning and upcoming garden projects.


Details and info I will upload as I have time :

  • Definitions Kazan and Shukkei Rockwork, Daisen-in garden example with named sub arrangements. Pgs 17, 20, 121
  • Wonderful black and white photos with stone textures Pgs 56-58, 77
  • Basic Rock parts and Directional Vigor Pgs. 198, 199
  • Basic rock shapes and comparison to other Stone Classifications Pg 201
  • Stone arrangement sample layouts and composition flow Pgs 209, 213
  • Sample Ratios of Rock work to garden area and a few sand patterns pgs 216 and 298

Since it was discussed in the Magic Of Trees And Stones: Secrets of Japanese Gardening by SAITO, K. et al. thread.

I will upload Basic Rock Shapes Pg. 201 and Basic rock shapes comparison to other Stone Classifications first.


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Japanese Stone Gardens: How to Make and Enjoy Them

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