The Japanese Gardening Organization, Intl. has now merged with its sister organization, North American Japanese Garden Association.

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Photo by Lee Schneller Sligh

About Japanese gardening Organization, Intl.:

MISSION: The Japanese Gardening Organization (JGO) is a multinational, non-profit group with the goal of spreading the benefits of Japanese gardening for individuals, groups, communities, and society. Currently, this is addressed by the maintenance and development of educational resources for “” in fostering the knowledge, appreciation and application of Japanese gardening.

VISION:  Continue the advancement of the knowledge, appreciation, and application of Japanese gardening, with roots in international expertise and resources.

VALUES: We will strive to maintain the highest level of accurate and dependable information and resources for Japanese gardening and closely associated arts. This is the culture and personality of the Japanese Gardening Organization.

In addition to these resources, JGO will use the Japanese Gardening Forum to assist and guide forum participants toward authentic and appropriate decisions and methods. All operations and priorities will follow these values.

Japanese Gardening Organization, 2007


Thank You!

The Japanese Gardening Organization thanks the Board of Directors and its other Advisers for their service and contributions:

K.T. Cannon-Eger, Keaau, HI US
Andrew R. Deane, Tokyo, JP
Terry Gerlach, Portland, OR
James Hanselman, Manheim, PA US
Don Pylant, San Antonio, TX US
Michael Roybal, Seattle, WA US

Kiyoshi Yasui (1925 - 2010)
Michael Brenner, Portland Oregon
Blaine Fergerstrom, Honolulu, HI US
Jake Hobson, Dorset, UK

Toshiharu Watanabe, Kyoto Japan - (Consulting Advisor)
Misaki Tateo, Kumamoto Japan - (Liaison, City of Kumamoto)
Michael Roybal, Seattle, US (JGO Forum Representative)
Terry Gerlach, Portland Oregon, US (Events Calendar)
Chris Hall, Longmeadow, MA, US (Architecture & Carpentry)

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