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Japanese Gardening Organization


Sharing the benefits of Japanese gardening for individuals, groups, communities and society.

Japanese Gardening Organization


Providing resources to foster the exchange of culture, knowledge, appreciation and application of Japanese gardening.

Japanese Gardening Organization


Striving for the highest level of accurate information and resources for Japanese gardening.

Japanese Gardening Organization, Intl. has begun a merger with the North American Japanese Garden Association.   Over the next few months, the online resources located here will have a new home at najga.org.




Winter is coming… hmm, where have i heard that before?  Many of us are already stir-crazy from not being able to travel or visit our favorite places.  Cold weather is just around the corner, but you can still pay a virtual visit to over 100 Japanese gardens around the world. 

The Japanese Gardening Organization hosts the World Japanese Garden Database.  You can search for specific gardens or simply browse for a virtual visit to these places of peace and comfort.  Start your  journey here. 



What Does “Zen Garden” Refer To?

The karesansui 枯山水, or dry landscape garden is the most widely known and most celebrated of Japan’s gardening styles, and it invariably forms a part of the stereotypical image that most people associate with Zen Buddhism and the temples of Kyoto.  In essence, the dry landscape garden is a symbolic representation of mountains and water using rocks, sand, gravel, and moss.  This and many more resources will be available in  The Japanese Garden Handbook, Chapter 5: The Dry Landscape Garden.

Views of the magnificent kare-ike at Senshūkaku-teien (Kyū-Tokushima-jō-omote-goten-teien), Tokushima, Shikoku. (Photo by Andrew R. Deane)



NAJGA 2020 2021 Biennial Conference - Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego

The conference will be rescheduled to take place in the fall of 2021.

In lieu of this October’s conference, and to put adaptability and resilience into action, NAJGA would like to organize a series of live and recorded webinars (lectures, demonstrations, etc.) on various topics. We plan to begin these webinars in the summer of this year.  Our first webinars will focus on Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens’ Stroll for Well-Being program on June 17th and June 24th. We will send a call for additional proposals within the next month, but if you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

For more information and registration, see https://najga.org/events/ .

For more events and opportunities, see

Japanese Gardening Organization’s CALENDAR OF EVENTS


Japanese Gardens in the News:


In an effort to continue to serve as a resource for Japanese garden lovers, NAJGA has compiled a
partial list of Japanese gardens in North America and indicated whether they have closed or
remained open given the COVID-19 situation.  NAJGA Covid 19 Garden Updates

Momoyama Style Residential Garden – Rockport, Maine

  A private garden in Rockport, Maine was designed in a style favored by Japanese warlords of 16th century Japan (Momoyama Period). These amazing stones were discovered in the woods near the project.  Lee Schneller and her staff artfully arranged them to embrace this peaceful pond.  The owners are able to enjoy the view from inside their home, outside in a seating area, and from a second story deck.  See more photos of the garden and its construction here:

Momoyama Style Residential Garden.

Previous Feature:  The Japanese Garden of Terry Gerlach.

Start With a Courtyard – 

If you are looking for a way to start your Japanese garden space, a courtyard garden may be the answer.  In ‘Chapter 8:  The Courtyard Garden‘ Andrew Deane discusses this popular Japanese garden.  This article is part of the online ‘Japanese Garden Handbook’ provided by Japanese Gardening Organization.


JGO welcomes submissions of articles and essays for consideration.   Send to development@japanesegardening.org.

See also the article on a private Japanese garden under


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News & Events in Japanese Gardening Worldwide
Michael Roybal

Japanese Gardening Organization, Intl. would like to thank Board Member, Michael Roybal, for providing years of continuous Facebook posts on Japanese garden news, projects and events worldwide. Join the thousands in following JGO on Facebook and take advantage of Michael’s work to bring us interesting and beautiful Japanese gardening posts.

Complete Japanese Garden Handbook Online

The Japanese Garden Handbook
Andrew R. Deane

Members of Japanese Gardening Organization now have access to this complete encyclopedic work online.  For more information, please visit https://japanesegardening.org/handbook/register.  With 5 volumes, 48 chapters and thousands of pages, along with hundreds of high quality photographs in this work, a printed version was too costly.  This digital format keeps with the ultimate goal of a Japanese garden ‘WIKI’ - a dynamic and ever-evolving resource like no other.  With a WIKI format, we hope to see members submit additions to be considered.

Japanese Gardening Reference

Japanese toolsLearn how to tie a knot for bamboo fences, or decide what tools you need. JGO Reference section includes articles on theory, design and how-to’s on construction, plants, pruning, lanterns, stones, garden terminology and more.

Gardening Reference Library

Japanese Gardening Forums

Black pine care18,000 entries by over 1000 Japanese Gardening enthusiasts around the world. The Japanese Garden Forum discussion boards include history, design & construction, maintenance, plants, stone, water, bamboo fences, structures, and more.

The Forums

Events & Education

Bamboo fenceLearn how to work with bamboo, prune pines, or build a Japanese garden in events around the world in the events calendar and via discussions in the Japanese gardening forums.

Events Calendar

Japanese Garden Search

Japanese Garden SearchDiscover Japanese gardens on almost every continent in this comprehensive database.  Search by keywords to narrow your hunt.  Includes location, garden info, photos and more.

Japanese Garden Search

Japanese Garden Publications

Building a library or just researching how to build your dry landscape? Search books and publications on Japanese gardening here.  You can also find reviews on Japanese gardening books and purchase them with a percentage going to support JGO at no addition cost!

Publication Search

Japanese Garden Marketplace

Find Japanese garden tools, garden designers, contractors and suppliers in this resource.  Remember that by using these links and contractors, you are contributing to Japanese Gardening Organization and helping it grow.

Japanese Garden Marketplace

Special Sections

Chaji - A Formal Tea Ceremony

A wonderful five part series on the “Way of Tea” by Elliot Mitchnick, Associate Professor of Urasenke, the 400 year old tradition of Tea headquartered in Kyoto, Japan is presented in Chaji, A Formal Tea Ceremony. (If you have Japanese enabled on your browser, you will see most tea terms with their kanji. In addition, most terms have definitions available by holding your mouse over the word.)

Chaji - Formal Tea Ceremony

Ka-tei, Japanese Architecture, Japanese Garden

The essential relationship between architecture and garden is discussed in Ka-tei,  Japanese Architecture, Japanese Garden.  Japanese carpenter, Chris Hall, gives an overview of the relationships between house and garden in traditional Japanese residential architecture. (If you have Japanese enabled on your browser, you will see most terms with their kanji, and most terms have definitions available by holding your mouse over the word.)

Japanese Architecture-Japanese Garden

Sister City Garden Virtual Tour

A profile of a sister city garden, Kumamoto En Japanese Garden,  created in partnership with Japanese designers and craftsmen and US craftsmen. This is a detailed  walking tour with the names and descriptions of the garden features linked to definitions,  English, Romaji, and Kanji names as well.

Kumamoto-en, Sister City Garden

Doubt ...

Japanese garden designer, Mark Bourne, reflects on his experience as apprentice to a Master gardener in Kyoto in “DOUBT, Learning to see the Japanese Garden.

Doubt by Mark Bourne

US Japanese Gardens Tour

K.T. Cannon-Eger and husband Bill traveled by rail across the United States to visit dozens of Japanese Gardens. Follow their adventure in their blog U.S. Japanese Gardens

US Japanese Gardens Tour


The Japanese Gardening Organization (JGO) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization spreading the benefits of Japanese gardening for individuals, groups, communities, and society.  JGO provides educational resources to foster the exchange of culture, knowledge, appreciation and application of Japanese gardening, striving for the highest level of accurate information and resources for Japanese gardening. This organization is supported completely by donations. Your gifts are tax deductible.

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