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Contributed by Antonio Viglietto:

A Japanese garden is inside the precinct of UNESCO Headquarter, in Paris. It was designed by Isamu Noguchi and built in 1959.  The garden is quite articulated, including a stream, a pond, several compositions of rocks around the pond and the paths, and a kare-san-sui corner. The design makes a large use of cement, in particular for the banks of the stream and of the pond, in combination with natural stones and rocks.  There is a large variety of plants all around the garden, including pines, azaleas and water-lily in the pond.

The garden can be visited upon reservation to be done quite in advance and the entrance procedures are a bit tiring, because the access is through the office building (entry-pass compilation + security control): booking can be done by phone (+33 (0)1 45 681 000) or by e-mail (visit@unesco.org). Once inside, after the visit to the garden on the ground floor, it is possible to eat at the cheap canteen of UNESCO and also to have a fine view of Paris from the top floor.

Internet site: http://www.unesco