Classified by the National Trust  “As a place of historical, architectural and cultural significance to be preserved for present and future generations”

Description – The design of the garden is a copy of the first Japanese landscape garden (Strolling garden) built by the first Japanese Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Cowra Japanese Garden

Cowra Japanese Garden (Larger)

The design of the Cowra Japanese Garden and the landscape incorporates the six elements in the design: – mountain, rocks, mountain waterfalls, mountain lakes, rivers turning into oceans and pine trees.

Visitors will experience and gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the Japanese garden and landscape design of the Edo period by walking the three kilometres of pathways designed to carry the visitor through the mountains of Japan, past the waterfalls in the mountains that flow into the mountain lakes and from there follow the water as it flows into the river and then the ocean.

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Groups: Schools and coaches are offered discount rates and are provided with an itinerary to suit their group’s needs if required. A range of activities are offered to school groups which include kite flying, traditional toy demonstrations, calligraphy, origami and Cultural Centre talks.