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This Japanese garden was originally part of a garden named Gardens of the World (Les Jardins du Mondereated) by banker Albert Kahn.  The garden and the rest of his property was seized after the Wall Street crash of 1932 put him to ruin. He had purchased the property 39 years earlier and began creating several gardens, including an English garden, French-style garden, and the Japanese garden.  Some features include an azalea ‘mountain’, bridges and stone paths crossing the ponds, Japanese stone lanterns, and interesting stonework and water features.

Contributed by Antonio Viglietto:

The Albert Khan Garden includes several gardens in different styles and reproduction of natural environments.  A wooden gate marks the entrance to the Japanese area where there are two Japanese pavilions and several lanterns concealed among the bush. The path leads to a large pond fed by a short river. The bank of the lake is in concrete. There is also a red wooden bridge and a cross of the lake made by flat stones. Big koi live in the pond. The path goes around the pond and up to a small hill.